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We Are Growing Like Wildfire!

June 14, 2022 – Dennis H. Doss & Christopher J. Donovan | Doss Law, LLP We Grow to Help you Grow       The adoption rate of DossDocs is amazing. By year end, we should be the largest private money document provider in the U.S. Not only do we cover all 50 states with business purpose loan...

Worried About Equity Deterioration?

May 23, 2022 – Dennis H. Doss & Christopher J. Donovan | Doss Law, LLP New additions to Doss Docs: Rebalancing Option–If the LTV climbs above a threshold you set, the borrower has 30 days to make a principal reduction or face an acceleration. Adjustable Rate Options. Rates are not going lower. Auto Pay Option. Be first in line...

Private Money Reverse Mortgages

A Unique Doss Law, LLP Loan Document Product May 2, 2022 by Dennis H. Doss & Christopher J. Donovan | Doss Law, LLP As most readers know, reverse mortgages are an extremely popular method for senior citizens to supplement their retirement income, because there are no loan payments during the senior citizen’s lifetime.  The loan balance simply accumulates...
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