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U.S. Cross-Collateralizing Made Easy by DossDocs

August 29, 2022


Need Extra Collateral?  Cross From And To Anywhere In The United States

Our founder, Dennis Doss, has several maxims of private money lending he has developed over his 45 years in the private money loan field. One of them is:


“Get all of the collateral you can.”


But how do you document a business purpose loan in Los Angeles crossed by a property in Memphis or on a loan on a property in Phoenix crossed by a property in Tampa Bay? Now Doss Docs gives you the choice from combining collateral from any two states or any two places within the same state for the same low price of $399. Each security instrument outputs separately for easy email transmission. All states disclosures and notaries are included.


So do a loan in Cincinnati and cross it with a property in Fargo or Miami. Go from Sacramento to Cleveland. The combinations are endless.


Now that is… Innovation.

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The world of loan documentation will never be the same.

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