What Will I be Able to Do After this Training?

What Will I be Able to Do After this Training?

This course is the nuts and bolts of starting and operating a hard money loan business.  When you finish, you will know how to:

  • File your business entity
  • Secure required licensing
  • Define your loan products
  • Provide borrowers with a letter of intent that protects you
  • Secure the commitment of the borrower to only work with you
  • Perform every step in the underwriting process
  • Make presentations to private investors
  • Get borrower disclosures and loan docs drawn
  • Understand and know when to deliver investor disclosures and contracts (provided)
  • Fractionalize a loan
  • Open escrow and order preliminary title reports
  • Study a title report, order endorsements and secure a loan policy of title insurance
  • Close a loan
  • Set up loan servicing and secure your “spread”
  • Comply with DRE reporting responsibilities

You will walk away with the tools you need to make hard money loans lawfully.  Do not build your business on a weak foundation.  Get it right from the beginning and sleep on a pillow full of dollars you know you can keep.

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