Private Money Mortgage Lending Training from the Yoda of Hard Money
HARD MONEY BOOT CAMP by Dennis H. Doss to Jump Start Your Mortgage Lending Business

Private Money Mortgage Lending Training – Hard Money Lending Boot Camp

ONE-ON-ONE Mortgage Lending Training with Dennis H. Doss

Hard Money & Private Money Lenders:
Jump Start Your Business

California DRE brokers have the opportunity to learn hard money lending — one-on-one — with Dennis H. Doss, a 42-year veteran of private money mortgage law and Manager of Doss Law, LLP in Irvine, California. New to hard money lending? Welcome aboard. Have you been in the private money / hard money lending business for some time or are you a part-time investor wanting to step up your lending to the next level? Start your mortgage lending training with Dennis and learn how to smartly grow your business while proactively staying out of trouble with the numerous government oversight bureaucracies.

Mortgage lending training with Dennis H. Doss

You determine the pace you want to follow.  Recording is not permitted.  

The 10-session* video boot camp will cover:

  1. Your Mortgage Company In this segment of mortgage lending training, Dennis will cover entity structures, licensing, DRE online registration, advertising, loan officer requirements, capitalization, DBAs (FBNs), banking and other nuts and bolts of owning a mortgage company.
  2. Defining Your Products.  In this session, he will help you define the types of loans you will offer, including the competitive landscape, current rates, and consumer vs business credit.
  3. Landing the Deal.  Dennis will walk you step by step through the loan origination process, including the questions to ask to avoid wasting time, creating a letter of intent (template provided), loan applications, clarifying agency, and early borrower disclosures.
  4. Underwriting the Deal.  Before you present this loan to investors, you must know it is solid.  He will walk you through the process of opening a title order, engaging an appraiser, using quick valuation tools, list of docs to ask the borrower for, the role of credit reports, background checks, and recognizing identity theft.
  5. The Private Investor Process – Getting the Money Obtaining private investors, the Loan Summary (template provided), the private investor disclosure process, obtaining a “spread” in the deal, servicing retained vs released, the sale and servicing agreement (templates provided).  Dennis will walk through a list of disclosures (hyperlinks or templates provided) so you understand the role of each.  We will also discuss the handling of investor money for the loan and the lawful sequence you must follow to do it correctly.
  6. Documenting the Loan from the Borrower Side.  Here, he will discuss documentation alternatives, such as a loan doc service vs in-house vs attorney-closed, what documents your package should contain (list provided), guarantees, role of environmental guarantees and how to protect yourself from forgery claims.  Dennis will go through an actual set of loan docs to discuss how and why they are used in loan transactions.
  7. Fractionalizing a Loan.  Some loans require the use of multiple investors.  He will cover your alternatives, including the multi-lender rule, Corp. Code 25102(f), and SEC Rule 506, as well as your DRE reporting responsibilities once you start fractionalizing loans.
  8. Analyzing Title Dennis will walk you through a preliminary report from a title company and discuss what to look for, endorsements, exclusions, and other title-related issues.
  9. Closing and Booking the Loan for Servicing.  He will go through the final closing process and what you are expected to do to finish the deal.  Then, Dennis will shift to boarding the loan with a servicer and your role as the loan is being collected.
  10. DRE Reporting In this final chapter, he will take you through your filing and reporting responsibilities with the DRE.

*Each session is 30-60 minutes


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Meet Your Mortgage Lending Training Coach

Dennis H. Doss has 42 years of experience in law and finance – a veteran of hard money lending.  His firm, Doss Law, LLP, represents the Who’s Who of private money lending in California, including many clients with hundreds of millions of dollars under management.  He is one of the best-known educators in the business and has taught hard money seminars for over three decades.  Below is a partial list of his publications and speaking engagements.  Dennis is famous for taking a complicated topic and turning it into plain, no-nonsense, and digestible English.  You will be speaking one-on-one with Dennis and interacting in real-time with this very seasoned expert of the hard money business.

Publications (all on

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June 2014ARM LoansCMA
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October 2013Lawsuits in Private MoneyCMA
January 2013Ability to RepayOnline
January 2013Mortgage Pool UpdateOnline
December 2012Section 32, Step by StepOnline
July 2012Consumer Loan OriginationCMA
April 2011Regulation Z UpdateOnline
January 2011Mini PoolsOnline
April 2010Servicing AgreementsOnline
September 2010Flipper LoansCMA
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January 2010RESPA UpdateOnline
September 2009Section 32 and TimingOnline
April 2008High Cost LoansCMA
January 2008Non-Traditional MortgagesCMA
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April 2006Regulation Z UpdateCMA
July 2005Unruh ActCMA
October 2005CFL LendingCMA
October 2004Truth in Lending ExplainedCMA
February 2002New High Cost Mortgage LawsCMA

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